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A new version will be avaible on github before the end of the year 2017

Project Description
Tomcat is an servlets container. With tomcatspnego, users working on a Windows client OS and IE or Firefox, can be silently authenticated ( SSO ) to a Tomcat running on a Windows or Unix server, via Spnego, and so via NTLM or Kerberos.
You can define autorizations to tomcat's applications with domain's groups.

There are now four versions, one with JNI and a DLL written in C, another with JNA (it is more easier to read the code), and another with a Windows service and TCP. So Tomcat can be on a Windows server, but also on an Unix server. (Linux is an Unix)

I added a new version CLI (for Common Language Infrastructure) with the JVM and CLR in the same process. I use only java and C#, there is no native code.
With the version JNI and JNA, I called Windows API. With CLI, I only use classes of the Framework .Net.

The versions with JNI, JNA and CLI works only on Windows.
The version with TCP has been used with tomcat running on Windows, Linux, Solaris and Aix ( with the IBM JDK and PowerPC processors)

The four versions run on x86 and x64. The version with TCP can be running with other processors.

Maciej Matecki (mmatecki) sent the file Tomcat TomcatSpnegoSpringSecuritySample. With Spring Security 3.0 see Alberto Aceveido (albertoaceiveido) in

Dominique Guerin

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